Good safeguarding at our club is about creating a safe, equal and happy environment that enables our young people to thrive.

Our club Safeguarding Officer is Richard Elliott and whilst it is the responsibility of everyone in the club to keep children safe, it is his role to oversee safeguarding within the club.
If you ever have any questions or concerns at all, then please do not hesitate to speak to him in person or contact him by phone 07903 023280 or by email
You can download the full Surf Life Saving Great Britain policy here. Richard has produced this helpful summary of it below, with page numbers of the full document in brackets throughout in case you would like to read further.


Summary of SLSGB's safeguarding policy

Physical Contact (p15)
Surf Life Saving is a sport that at times necessitates children / young people
to be in physical contact with each other (for example when carrying out a
board rescue or a tow). There may also be occasions when a coach or helper
might have physical contact with a child in a coaching session. This however
should only be in the following circumstances:
· To demonstrate a skill or technique
· To treat an injury
· To prevent an injury or accident from occurring
In these circumstances the following practices will be observed:
· The reason for the contact should be explained
· The permission of the child should be asked
· The contact will not be in a sensitive area
Discipline (p17)
There may be times when a coach needs to apply some discipline either to
protect an individual or group from accidents / harm or because an individual’s
behaviour is persistently disrupting a session. This will usually take the form of
a verbal warning, followed by exclusion from an activity if disruptive behaviour persists and as a last resort a child / young person might be asked to leave a
session. Such actions should only be used:
· To develop a responsibility for behaviour
· To develop respect for others
· To reinforce awareness of health and safety
· To reinforce the rules / values of the sport and positive attitudes/behaviours
Ratios (p20)
The club will operate within published coach-to-participation safety ratios for
open water sessions and age-related OFSTED ratio guidelines for beach
sessions. These can be found on p20 of the policy.
Changing (p21)
Ilfracombe swimming pool has a changing area that is used by both adults
and children and also both by members of the public as well as club
members. The following guidelines have been agreed and we would
appreciate your co-operation in following the guidelines:
· Since changing will be in private cubicles, adults & children can
change at the same time (although to take the pressure off the
demands on the changing rooms separate times will be adopted where
· All changing by adults and children should take place in private
cubicles and children should not be allowed to use the larger
communal changing rooms.
· Only one person should be in a cubicle at once. Nippers should not share cubicles and adults should at no time be in cubicles with children (with the sole exception of when a parent is assisting their own child if needed).
· No mobile phones or any other devices with cameras should be used
in the changing rooms.
· If a child needs to leave the pool early for any reason please could the
coach/helper ensure that they are escorted to their parent or
nominated adult rather than them going directly to the changing rooms.

. Everyone should keep their bags in lockers when they swim so that cubicles are left free to be used without interruption. 

(*). From this point on the parent / nominated adult becomes
responsible for them.
· At the beginning and end of the session there will supervision of the
changing facilities by nominated coaches / helpers. This supervision
will be as discreet as possible to allow everyone privacy.
Collection of children (p24)
It is our policy that each child has a parent / carer / nominated loco parentis
who brings them to the session, remains present during the session and picks
them up at the end of the session. However, if for any reason that person is
not present to collect them at the end of the session then the following
procedure will be followed:
· The adult will be contacted by phone
· Two coaches / helpers will wait the child / young person until they
Please note that in this circumstance your child will not be allowed to go home
with anyone else without your permission.
Photography & Videos (p27)
Consent for use of photographs is sought as part of the SLSGB membership
form on joining the club. Please do let us know if you are no longer happy for
pictures of your child to be used either in publicity or social media.
Other than parents/carers of participants, taking photos of their own children,
only a designated Croyde team photographer is permitted to take photos / video.
Please note that mobile phones with camera / video functions must to be used
in the changing rooms.
Bullying & Discrimination (p32)
It is the right of each child / young person within the club to be free of fear of
bullying, victimisation or discrimination of any kind. Whilst coaches and
helpers will be vigilant for any signs of peer bullying please do speak to the
club Safeguarding officer if you have any concerns that your child is being
bullied or discriminated against.
Checking of Coaches & Helpers (p42)
It is the policy of SLSGB to carry out an Enhanced DBS check (formerly
known as a CRB check) for anyone who has a teaching / training / supervising
role that is frequent (once a week or more) or unsupervised (or cannot
guaranteed to be supervised).
Whilst it is our policy not to let anyone work alone with children / young people
in the club, it is our practice to obtain a DBS check for all of the following:
coaches and assistant coaches; team managers; all officials and all regular
Nipper / Youth helpers. Whilst we no longer require a DBS check from all
parents in the club - it is important to ensure that anyone who helps with
sessions regularly has a check.
Incidents (p62 & 63)
Coaches will record incidents and speak to you if your child is
accidentally hurt during a session or if they seem particularly distressed
by anything. Likewise if anything comes to light of this nature after a
session then do please let us know.