Masters Swim Training - All you need to know

We’re changed things up a little this year so have a read and see how it will affect you.
3.45pm – 4.45pm
We have two lanes of Masters swimming. This is for intermediate swimmers – those who can swim 400m without stopping and would like to improve their technique and speed targeting asub 7m30s - 9 min 400m (lifeguard/lifesaver qualification time).  There will be technique drills and some set swimming. 
5pm – 6pm
We will have 1 lane of beginner masters for those who cannot yet complete 400m without stopping, who are new to the water or who just haven’t swum in an age and would like to get back into it. 
We will have 3 lanes of more advanced masters – those able to swim 400m in less than 7m30s.  These sessions will be geared towards improving technique, speed and stamina.

Please note there will be no uncoached lane for swimming on a Sunday, all lanes will be taking part in a coached session.  

If you’d like an uncoached swim then Wed night (7.45 – 8.45pm) is for you where there will be the option of following a set or of doing your own thing.

All coached sessions will require you to have swim fins - maybe not every week but most. Please make sure you bring yours with you or get yourself a pair as soon as.  We’d recommend Finis Floating fins or Aquasphere Alpha Fins both available on wiggle or amazon.

Get in touch with any questions
If you are not sure where you fit in please contact Lyn at or on 07768 17490 and she can advise. If you have mates that are keen then please bring them along - remember they can have 3 taster sessions before they need to join up.