Tips on buying a wetsuit

Summer is fast approaching and nippers will be back on the beach on Wednesday 10 May.

If you’re thinking of getting a new wetsuit for your nippers (or yourself), here are a few things (and a cracking membership discount) to bear in mind. 

First off, apologies for stating the bleedin' obvious but.....

...Small people can get COLD

The ocean is still pretty chilly in May. Some kids like a thick 5/4 winter suit all summer long but they can be a real pain to get on and off. Don’t even think about shorties until late summer unless you and your children are from Newcastle and impervious to the cold. Equally who wants to buy a winter AND a summer suit for fast-growing kids?

One answer is to look at a slightly lighter ‘spring’ weight suit that should keep them warm but be more flexible, wearable all summer long, and (crucially) less of a Total Parenting Pain in The Arse to get them in and out of. Ultimately though, if in doubt, particularly if your nipper is little, go for warmth and a suit thick enough to keep them toasty.

Boots and gloves are a YES

Pretty much all kids will need boots and gloves, certainly for the first month and possibly longer. A rash vest is a good idea for kids too. The boots are handy as they make walking out the gulley to the beach much easier.

You don’t have to buy new…

Please feel free to use the Nippers group page (or Masters) to trade in your existing wetsuits or ask if anyone has a second-hand for sale. You might snap up a bargain.

…but if you are buying new, remember our club discount

We’re chuffed to bits to say that our excellent local business Tiki is offering our members a 25% discount on all its own-brand suits, boots and gloves. Their suits are brilliant (full disclosure, I bought this Tiki Zepha Summer wetsuit last year and the plush inner lining puts the lush into plush – keeps you toasty) and it’s obviously a local business and therefore A Great Thing. It's probably best to head to the Tiki Velator factory store rather than the store in Braunton if you're looking to buy. Stu Poynter is your man if you're keen on a Tiki suit or want to find out more.

Remember: if it’s good enough for Cotty….

Keep warm

When you’re changing in the car park at the end of a session, it can be a little parky. We have top-of-the-range club DryRobes for sales that are perfect for you to change in, or wear for your nippers onto the beach pretending-that-they’re-for-your-kids-when-really-we-all-know-they’re-keeping-you-warm.

Juniors (4-9yrs / 80cm long) are £74.50 and Adults (5'5" - 6'4" - 1.2m long + 84cm wide) are £80.50. Our prices will beat what you can get them for in the shops and if you’re interested drop Stu a line to reserve yours while we have them in stock. 

We'll be selling DRs and other kit at the Dry night on the 3rd May where you'll be able to pay cash or we can take the money through the GoCardless setup.

See you on the beach...

Paul T